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123worker is a marketplace for internet work
Гет ваш задатак урађено на мрежи на паметан начин! Одмах тражити послове у наше радне снаге 24/7. Добити неки задатак обавља брзо, уз висок ниво квалитета и ефикасно.
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Представити свој производ на блоги пост критике на сајтови <бр> вам Додај на Фацебоок <бр> бецоме фан ваше групе <бр> те прати на твиттер <бр> дигг Вашем сајту <бр> <и> и много више ...
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Ask workers to complete your tasks to get results. As an employer you:
  • Have access to a global, on-demand, 24 x 7 workforce
  • Get thousands of tasks completed in minutes
  • Pay only when you're satisfied with the results
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Your business can use 123worker to:

Clean Your Data
    Verification & de-duplication
    Data entry & collection
    Algorithm training
Categorize Items

    Categorize products
    Classify images
Create a Categorization Project
Get Feedback

    Test search relevancy
    Product usability testing
Create & Moderate Content

    Moderate photos & content
    Content creation & editing

Get traffic
    Пријави се
    Get leads

    Transcription of a video
    Transcription of a recorded sound
   Translate any document in any language

Search, Click, and Engage
Promote your activity
    Обележавање страница (Дигг, укусни, МИКСКС, ...) (digg, Delicious, Buzz,...)
    Google (+1), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
    Youtube / Vimeo / Dailymotion / Vevo
Forums & Blogs
    Let people to talk about you on forums 
    Yahoo Answers/Answebag/Quora/Wikians
    Comment on Other Blogs
    Blog/Website Owners
Testing / Download, Install
    Mobile Applications (iPhone & Android)
    Testing a website
    Write an honest review (Service, Product)
    Напиши чланак

Receives online votes
for you or your website
SEO campaign
Programmation skills
php, js, asp, vb, c++
Animation design
Movie animation

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